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Survivors stories - Mouth Cancer Awareness Month

Survivors stories - Mouth Cancer Awareness Month

It's the final week of this years mouth cancer awareness month, and as a poignant reminder Denplan have a video of survivors telling their stories of how their regular dental check-ups allowed their Dentist to diagnose them & get them rapid treatment.

Oral cancer, just like many cancers if diagnosed early, has a very good chance of being treated & cured. Visiting your dentist for a 6 monthly check-up gives you this peace of mind as we are always on the look out.  

In my 24 year dental career I have personally diagnosed & referred 2 patients who both had rapid treatment & survived mouth cancer. Mouth cancer does not discriminate. It can happen to anyone.

Remember your 6 monthly check up.  Just because you haven't got tooth-ache or any other problem doesn't mean there's nothing for us to look at.  We are not just looking at your teeth! 

Mouth Cancer Awareness

Mouth Cancer Awareness

Hopefully you haven't helped but notice this month's mouth cancer awareness campaign & the 'Blue Lip Selfies' appearing on the web & social media.

Many are not aware of the rapid increase in mouth cancer in younger people that is not caused by smoking or alcohol use. This being linked to the same virus, HPV, that causes cervical cancers.

Upload your own blue lip selfie & get involved to increase awareness of the problem here

Smoking/tobacco & alcohol are still the major risk increasing factors. 

A healthy diet has also been found to reduce risk with each additional serving of fruit or vegetables.

Early diagnosis is the key to successful treatment (as with many cancers) so remember to keep that regular check up appointment, as mouth cancer screening is part & parcel of this, it's a simple as that. No need for fancy tests or invasive procedures.

Have a look at the infographic here for further information.

Cancer can affect anyone, here actor Michael Douglas, an oral cancer survivor himself explains.