It's the final week of this years mouth cancer awareness month, and as a poignant reminder Denplan have a video of survivors telling their stories of how their regular dental check-ups allowed their Dentist to diagnose them & get them rapid treatment.

Oral cancer, just like many cancers if diagnosed early, has a very good chance of being treated & cured. Visiting your dentist for a 6 monthly check-up gives you this peace of mind as we are always on the look out.  

In my 24 year dental career I have personally diagnosed & referred 2 patients who both had rapid treatment & survived mouth cancer. Mouth cancer does not discriminate. It can happen to anyone.

Remember your 6 monthly check up.  Just because you haven't got tooth-ache or any other problem doesn't mean there's nothing for us to look at.  We are not just looking at your teeth!