Why have we added www.scarborough.dental

The world of the world wide web & domain names is a dynamic place, constantly changing, & full of innovations. Hopefully you have noticed the new site & like they way it looks

More recently due to web expansion there has become a shortage of suitable domain names as not all businesses & groups want to use the more common .co.uk, .com or .net names.

Here at East Ayton Dental Practice we are well known to our local patients, & also to many from Scarborough itself, but in the wider area we are not as well known, or out in the WWW so we have decided to add this newly available domain to our site.

Currently this new domain name is directly linked to our site www.eadp.co.uk, and this will stay the same for the foreseeable future.

As with all things life moves on, so as & when we move further forward on the world of the web this new name will give us a wider audience.