A few posts with a summary on Sugar, Carbs, Health & their effect on you & your mouth

In a short series of posts we will attempt to summarise some of the incredible amount  of information available on these subjects. This is not done to 'Demonise sugar' just increase your general awareness.

It is not our intention to try & 're-invent the wheel' just simply sift through what often seems to be conflicting research that seems to hit the media almost daily these days & give you a down to earth, common sense view on what's good & what's not.

What we want to cover & help you understand;

  • Good Sugars & not so good sugars
  • Sugars & obesity, type 2 diabetes, & tooth loss
  • Sugars & dental decay

Firstly though we will get the ball rolling with this thought provoking short clip from 'That Sugar Film' of how one Aussie Damon Gameau  started his own research on how hidden sugars affected him.