Many people admit to being scared of either going to the dentist, or scared of having dental treatment. This can vary in degree from 'grinning & bearing it' to the extreme of putting up with the excruciating pain & swelling associated with a dental abscess rather than seeing a dentist to have it treated.

Over the years every dental practitioner must hear this same statement several times every day, but believe it or not some people actually like coming in for treatment! Even some patients who initially come to us & say they hate coming can be converted, but how do we do it??

Most dental phobias are based on 'fear of the unknown' or 'fear of not being in control' & a dentist simply explaining what they are about to do for you & talk you through a situation and move forward with small steps is often all it takes to calm someone .

This technique was taught to our dentists as undergraduates to treat children primarily, but equally applies to phobic adults, and was simply called 'Tell, Show, Do'.

It's something we use unconsciously at East Ayton Dental Practice, so don't be afraid we can help, come & talk to us. 

Nowadays the simple 'tell, show, do' technique is simply part of something called 'Cognitive Behavioural Therapy' (CBT) which can be used in lots of situations. The BBC have recently done a nice piece on it's use in dentistry, & the NHS have a great article on the Choices site if you want to read more (links below). 

BBC short article on dental CBT

NHS Choices full explanation of CBT & it's uses

In Summary- If you have a phobia or want help, 'Come & talk to us!'