Investment to Modernise & Improve

Health-care is a constantly updating world of innovation in techniques, technology, training & materials but let's not forget the primary point of contact with our patients.

Dental surgeries can be be a place of joy for both the dentist & patient, and the general ambiance of the direct place of contact between the two makes such a difference. So a bright modern surgery may not change the treatment required in itself but can make the whole experience a whole lot better! The flip-side of this being a dark dreary old surgery is not exactly a mood motivator.

A good first impression can work wonders.     -- J. K. Rowling

The work involved in the modernisation of a surgery is often under-estimated, so we thought we'd give you a bit of background on the whole journey.

How the surgery looked before we started

How the surgery looked before we started

Planning is the key to any project like this, and this starts by working out what we can do, what we can use & what we want from the final result, then work backwards to where things are currently to itemise the necessary steps to make the transformation.

Our practice building as many know is a converted outbuilding, originally constructed as stables & outbuildings to High House which was one of the original four buildings in East Ayton when the village was first established. We are set well below street level on the road side & also slightly lower even than the land behind, this leads to severe limitations in what we can do with the services (air/water/drains/suction) in our floor to supply the chair, & similarly with sink drainage from the cabinets. Secondly our room sizes are not exactly generous when it comes to installing dental surgeries.

Cutting to the chase this meant that only relatively minor changes could be made to the cabinet layout & the position of the chair has had to remain almost the same BUT all the services still required alteration to work with the new chair/taps/sinks.

So the planned order was;

  1. Cabinet layout/new chair position drawn up on CAD
  2. Service drawings produced
  3. Equipment & cabinetry ordered & fitting booked
  4. Two weeks window left in patient bookings to allow removal of all surgery fittings, & refitting of the flooring, new services & new chair & cabinetry & their connection

Here is a sequence of photos showing how it happened

Chair being broken down to get it out through the door on a dolly. They are mighty heavy!

There go one cabinet run!

Room cleared & old flooring lifted

This is where it all ends up. The chair will be removed & recycled correctly by the company supplying the new one

New services for sinks, electrics & chair (just out of shot) completed

New flooring in.

New flooring in.

New cabinetry fitted.

Belmont Voyager 3 chair package being installed

The Final Result- We hope you like it!

So does it give right 1st impression?

We'll have to let you have the final say on this one.