Fizzy drinks- Why 'All of them' really aren't good for you. 


Most people realise that the original 'sweetened with sugar' fizzy drinks are full of calories & sugar that will both cause weight gain, other health issues, & tooth decay, BUT Do you realise WHY?

Sugar is broken down by the bacteria in everyone's mouth to make ACID. It is this acid that attacks the enamel & dentine of your teeth to soften them, which is all dental decay actually is  (or 'Dental Caries' as it better described).

What most people don't realise that any fizzy drink, whether it's sugar free/caffeine free/zero or otherwise labelled & had everything but the flavour removed, is still  FULL of ACID

The reason for this is that any carbonated water is actually Carbonic acid.

Carbonic acid will attack your teeth faster than the acid produced from sugar by your mouths bacteria. So don't think that 'Zero', or 'Sugar Free' fizzy drinks are better for your teeth, they're not.

Beyond the effects on your teeth, maybe you should also consider the other adverse effects fizzy drinks have on your general health which this 'alternative' Coca-Cola ad video on YouTube so nicely details. 

The major adverse health effect is obesity, but carbonated drinks are also linked to diabetes, kidney damage & other possible problems.