NHS prices increased by central Government

With all the headlines around Brexit in the media these past few weeks it may have escaped your notice that the Government have confirmed & implemented 5% higher dental charges as of the 1st April 2017 after a similar rise last year.

This takes the NHS charges to;

  • Band 1    £20.60
  • Band 2   £56.30
  • Band 3   £244.30

Please be aware that we have no control over these charges, we are just made to collect them from you on behalf of the Government & if you wish to complain about them you need to contact your local MP.

As members of the BDA the profession has been very critical of these increases as they are a further 'stealth tax' , the increases are above the rate of inflation, they also mask cuts in the NHS, & help to drive patients to GP's or accident & emergency departments rather than having to pay for the NHS dental treatment (which is what they really need)

Below are links to BDA comments on the rises

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