Shocking sugar content found in high street flavoured coffee's

I'm sure may of you will have seen or heard the BBC news today, but if you haven't let us keep you up to date.

Link to BBC story

It has been found by a recent survey that many of the 'flavoured coffee' drinks served by some of the national chains have levels of sugar content way above those of the non diet cola's and other fizzy drinks.

This is just another example of the need to be on your guard & consider what may be in your diet, and how it may affect both your waist-line and your teeth at the same time.

The worst offenders found in this survey were;

  • Starbucks Hot mulled fruit  25 teaspoons of sugar per serving

  • Costa Chai latte - Massimo  20 teaspoons of sugar per serving

  • Starbucks White chocolate mocha with whipped cream 18 teaspoons of sugar per serving

  • Starbucks Signature hot chocolate 15 teaspoons of sugar per serving

Bear in mind this was just a survey of national chains, and local coffee bars flavoured coffees may well be just as bad.

Consider dropping the flavour, having a 'skinny' or Americano, or even a cup of good old 'Yorkshire tea', without sugar of course!